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MediavisionSG files police report over bounced cheque by couple believed to be local artist managers.


09 August 2018

MediavisionSG has filed a police report after received a bounce cheque from a couple believed to be local artist managers, named Muhammed Yassen Bin Yusoff and Rozimah Bte Abdul Raman (also known as Melati). The cheque was for a payment of wedding cards they ordered for their wedding. Staff of MediavisionSG immediately contacted them to inform on the bounced cheque and was informed that it may be signature problem and made a stop payment of the cheque. He promised to transfer the money via his bank account in United States, namely Euro Pacific Bank.

MediavisionSG checked with the bank after several days but was informed that there was no sign of inward fund from overseas. MediavisionSG had been asking on the details of the transfer from the couple but failed to get any.

The couple, eventually blocked the calls of MediavisionSG’s staff who has been following-up on the payment.

The wedding suppose to take place on the 9 August 2018 at popular venue in the east area. A check was made at the venue and was informed that there is no booking and/or confirmation of any event on 9 August 2018.

MediavisionSG is left with no other choice, after several reminders, but to make a police report.

Police are investigating.






25 February 2021
It has come to our attention that Muhammed Yassen Bin Yusoff is questioning on the Media Release issued by us dated 09 August 2018 titled “MediavisionSG files police report over bounced cheque by couple believed to be local artist managers.” via his Facebook name “Trendz TDM” on 23 February 2021.

We stand by our action as we believe strongly that there was an ELEMENT OF CHEATING prior to the payment.

After the cheque was returned by the bank, his wife, Rozimah Binte Abdul Raman, had informed our staff that Muhammed Yassen Bin Yusoff will be making a fund transfer from his USA bank account namely Pacific Bank. Our accounts department felt there something amidst on the mentioned of the USA bank account and they made a check.

Muhammed Yassen Bin Yusoff and his wife Rozimah Binte Abdul Raman had BLOCKED all our staff number in the process in demanding of payment.

On the failure to response to our demand and based on our finding thru our thorough check with the bank on the possible transfer from USA bank account, the management decided to lodged a police report and issued a media release on that incident.

They finally made the payment after a police report had been lodged and the media release went viral.

Up to date, we still believe that, they are not telling the truth and committed the act of deceiving in the process and the viral of the media release made the great impact on their decision to make the payment.

There were no parts of the media release are defamatory. Muhammed Yassen Bin Yusoff and his wife Rozimah Binte Andul Raman may wish to seek a legal advice if they felt the media release had defamed them.